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About Us

Veritas is a UK based education consultancy for international students, registered with the British Council, with a very strong and wide networking system, effective, functional and operational. We place special focus on Asia, especially India, China and the Middle East where there is a recently evolved phenomenon of huge surge for higher education in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland etc. Led by an experienced team of professionals who are well versed with the International educational system, especially higher education, Veritas could operate from a distinctive position, bringing added value to its services.

We deliver bespoke services specifically crafted to accomplish the unique needs of each prospective international student. We provide a holistic service, enriched with wealth of information about International universities and deliver customised and experienced ancillary supports in terms of application process, visa applications etc. We guide students and families to make informed choices of universities and courses from a wide range of options based on accurate information and student’s adaptability.

With a strong and resourceful networking system and our close association with colleges and institutions of national and international repute and other centres of academic excellence in Asia, Veritas believes in its ability to identify the right candidates for International universities and facilitate all the stages of successful application process effectively.


To be developed as the truthful and trusted provider of total solutions for international students who aspire for higher education in International Universities and Colleges.


To facilitate student centric solutions for international students to accomplish their higher education dreams in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland etc, uniquely crafted to match their aspirations and performances and at free of service charges.


The UK is the world’s most popular education destination, second only to the USA, be it undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional courses and research. Even during the Covid pandemic, international students flood the UK universities, defying predictions to the contrary. Why UK, the destination?

  • The UK and its universities have a world-renowned reputation for academic excellence and high-quality education. In fact, nearly a fifth of the world’s top universities are in the UK (Source: QS World University Rankings 2020).

  • Centuries-old traditions as represented by Oxford and Cambridge and modern demands and opportunities actualised by newly established universities bring out a perfect product mix in terms of the educational requirements in the new-millennium era.


Entry Requirement

Facilitating University, College & Boarding School Admissions


A free of charge service to prospective students.
Individual assessment based on your academic achievements and finance.
Assistance selecting an appropriate course.
Facilitate university admission.
Support with the university application process.
Guidance in application of exclusive scholarships for certain courses.
Support for visa application.
General induction prior to your travel.
Assistance securing accommodation.
Advice and guidance by our British Council registered consultant.

Post Study Work

  • From summer 2021 a new Graduate route visa will enable international students to remain in the UK to work for up to three years following a PhD, or two years after completing an undergraduate or master’s degree.

  • Entrance Coaching For Medicine & Dentistry in the UK


    Admission process and admission criteria for entry into the medical and dental schools in the UK are different from other courses; they are quite complex and slightly complicated.

    • The admission and eligibility criteria vary from universities to universities and, especially, the specifics of entry requirements, time schedules , organising work experiences, drafting a personal statement, preparation for UCAT & BMAT, preparation for an interview and about clearing. These stages are time-bound. We have seen students preparing for medicine and dentistry from the GCSE Level onwards that help them to enjoy an edge over the other applicants.

    • It is experienced that a considerable number of students and their parents are not well aware of this. This is not only applicable to the home students; for international students, some of them have not even heard of these stages. This lack of awareness and knowledge sadly results in missing the opportunities even for brilliant candidates.

    • At a closer examination, it can be seen that long term planning and preparations are imperatively required. Hence, Veritas has designed two streams of entrance coaching courses to bridge this gap and empower the students to cherish their dreams in a medical/dental profession.

    • The first stream is a year short term crash course for A-Level students whereas the second one is a three-year course where students are coached in-depth and taken through the stages systematically from the GCSE level onwards.